Forest Hikingtour with a typical swedish fika by the fire
This hiking trip shows you the nature around Storuman. 
If the weather  allows it, you can even bring your swimsuit!
The tour will take up to 3 hours
1 - 6 pers./ from 495 SEK/ pers.


Biketour with a typical swedish fika by the fire
Experience our nature on two wheels! After the tour we fortify ourselves with a "fika" over the fire and maybe if you like to you can cool off in the water.
The tour will take up to 3 hours. Bike rental and helmet are included in the price.
1 - 4 pers./ from 595 SEK/ pers.

Overnight in the tippitent with dinner and breakfast
On the campsite you also have the possibility to sleep in a tippitent ( kåtan). For dinner we will cook together outside and in the morning we will serve you breakfast.
1 - 10 pers./ 595 SEK/ pers.

Canoetour with overnight stay in the nature
Come and enjoy a daytrip on a lake or river with one of our canoes. After a fantastic day we will prepare our dinner with local food and then depending on your needs, spend the night in a tent or in the open air!
1 day/ 1 - 4 pers./ from 1495 SEK/ pers.

Midnightsun tour with a "fika"
Why not turn night into day? Easy done when you can enjoy the midnightsun in june. Therefore we will take you on a hiking tour and enjoy a stunning view on top of a hill.
3 - 4 hours/ 1 - 4 pers./ from 495 SEK/ pers.

Please also check on our homepage for guided fising tours or boat rentals.