There are several barbecue places at the campsite. All our guests have free access to them. If you want to enjoy a wonderful evening in the area without staying with us, please contact the reception for information. It is possible to order a barbecue plate that you can enjoy at the fire. It is seasonal and you can get more information about it by contacting reception. Firewood and charcoal can be purchased at the reception.
Beach trip by boat
Join us on a guided tour of the beach or one of all the islands found in Lake Storuman. The tour is for 2-4 people and can be a full or half day. It is possible to order coffee with homemade baked goods and coffee cooking over an open fire. If we are out all day, we recommend a local meal that is cooked directly in our varied nature. For booking, more information and prices please contact the reception.
Stensele church
Stensele Church is one of Sweden's largest wooden churches. It's really worth a visit. It is located 5 kilometers from Storuman and there is a walking and cycling path all the way. The church is open to visitors during high season, otherwise it can be opened as desired. In the church there is a guided tour recorded in several languages. For more information, please contact the reception.

Dining in Luspkåtan

From the summer season 2020, it is possible to enjoy food of local produce in a unique environment. Luspkåtan has been a church until 2018 and now rebuilt into a dining hall that is characterized by the local. There is a table reservation and for the food there are non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage packages to order. Contact reception for more information and menus as well as bookings.

Guided fishing trip
Join us on a guided fishing trip to one of our fantastic fishing waters. The fishing trip is between 4 and 6 hours and if you do not have a fishing equipment, you can borrow it when you book the tour. Coffee or simple cooking is available as an option. 1-3 persons / boat. Contact us for price information, can be booked via the website or at the reception.
Pedal boats and rowing boats
Pedal boats for a fun ride in the bathing lake which is next to the campsite. 
 You can also rent an electric motor for the rowing boat. The boats cost SEK 60 per hour to rent and then life jackets are included. There are bars for the boats if you want to explore other waterways than those in connection with the campsite. For booking and more information contact the reception.
About 300 meters from the campsite there is an activity and leisure center. There you can play pool, bowling and ping pong. There is also a café and library in the house. For more information and opening hours, please contact the campsite reception.
Outdoor gym

Adjacent to the campsite is an outdoor gym. It is open to everyone and an easy jogging lap around the lake is warming up as a tip.

Golf course in the village of Gunnarn
The golf course has 9/18 holes with three to four tees per course. The course is situated on hilly meadow land and is surrounded by two ponds and an open agricultural landscape. The track has challenging pairs of three holes and five short pairs of four holes.